From the International Journal of Psychoanalysis (2016)


By Claire Nouvet

Associate Professor of Medieval literature, psychoanalysis, and critical theory at Emory University. Ph.D. in French, Princeton University, 1981


"The ‘Unconscious in Translation’ (UIT), the new book series expertly guided by general editor Jonathan House, fills several significant lacunas within Anglophone psychoanalytic literature. It was initially created to make available English translations of Jean Laplanche’s writings. Since Laplanche (who studied with Lacan but distanced himself from him) is a major figure of Francophone psychoanalysis, UIT’s commitment to the translation of his works is an important and most welcome undertaking. Written with great rigor and clarity, Laplanche’s contribution indeed stands out as one of the most original Francophone contributions ‘after Lacan.’ UIT, however, is not limited to the translation of Laplanche’s writings, but also includes the translation of “other important psychoanalytic thinkers whose work remains mostly untranslated into English.” Because of this twin mission, UIT is a crucial initiative, making available to an Anglophone audience a wide array of Francophone psychoanalytical thought."