About UIT

The Unconscious in Translation is a publisher of English language translations of theoretical and literary works connected to psychoanalysis and the philosophy of mind.

The Unconscious in Translation was first established in consultation with Jean Laplanche. The initial aim was to see his work translated and published in English. The plan was, and has remained, to publish his texts in more or less reverse chronological order. 

UIT also publishes translations of other texts related to Laplanche's work and, beyond that, texts concerned with psychoanalysis, philosophy of mind and social theory that otherwise might not be translated. 

Jonathan House is the general editor. Dr. House teaches at Columbia University at the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society and at the Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. He is a member of the Conseil Scientifique of the Fondation Laplanche and practices psychiatry and psychoanalysis in New York City.

The International Journal of Psychoanalysis recently commented about UIT and its mission.


Note from the Editor

"Like everyone else, I realized early on that sex is important - important but different from other desires. I expected that all would become clear in my analytic training. It didn’t play out that way. After reading and re-reading Freud and others, I was more confused than ever. But when I began to read the work of Laplanche, it was an epiphany. It was then that I began to be able to frame my questions about sexuality – to problematize sexuality, as Laplanche might put it – and even to answer a few of them.

To help myself understand Laplanche’s thinking I began to translate his work, starting by re-translating the classic 1965 essay he wrote with J.-B. Pontalis in which he first addressed Freud’s theorizing of sexuality: Fantasme originaire, Fantasmes des origines, Origines du fantasme. In 2002 I sent Laplanche my efforts, he replied with encouragement and so began the process which eventually led to the creation of Unconscious in Translation (UIT), and the plan to publish all of Laplanche’s work in English.

Outside of the Anglophone universe, Laplanche is widely recognized as providing perhaps the most important and coherent theory of the nature and genesis of infantile sexuality. Within our community, his work has been largely unknown and even those who admire his work and who see the need to place their own theorizing in relation to his, often understand Laplanche only in terms of his early work. This is understandable as, until quite recently, almost nothing written after 1993 had been translated.

UIT aims to fix that problem.

There are other important French psychoanalytic thinkers whose work remains mostly untranslated into English. The mission of UIT is to translate and publish as much as possible of this rich body of work."

- Dr. Jonathan House