Between Seduction and Inspiration: Man

Between Seduction and Inspiration: Man

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In this volume Jean Laplanche collected his principal writings from 1992 to
1998, a period in which he demonstrated the power and range of his
psychoanalytic and philosophical inquiry, including his ‘return to Freud’ and
his General Theory of Seduction. The Volume contains:

1. Seduction, Persecution, Revelation
2. Notes on après-coup
3. A Brief Treatise on the Unconscious
4. The Training Analysis: A Psychoanalysis “on Command”
5. Forces at Play in Psychical Conflict
6. Responsibility and Response
7. Psychoanalysis in the Scientific
8. The So-called Death Drive: A Sexual Drive
9. Goals of the Psychoanalytic Process
10. Psychoanalysis as Antihermeneutics
11. Psychoanalysis: Myths and Theory
12. Narrativity and Hermeneutics: A Few Propositions
13. Sublimation and/or Inspiration


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